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Pity it's' spoiled by the niggers picknickin." Borrowed from English picnic, from French pique-nique. picnic m invariable. picnic outdoor meal. From French pique-nique. picnic n plural picnicuri. Declension of picnic. indefinite articulation definite articulation indefinite articulation definite articulation. nominative/accusative un picnic.
Picnic 1955 film Wikipedia.
Today it probably wouldn't' be worth more than a PG-13 rating if even that, but in 1955, the Moonglow" dance and the torn" shirt" sequences from the movie Picnic were about as steamy as Hollywood could get in evoking explosive sex.
PICNIC meaning in the Cambridge English Dictionary.
This looks like a nice spot for a picnic. We spread the picnic rug out on the ground and sat down to eat. We're' going to have a picnic, weather permitting. We sat on the river bank and had a picnic.
Picnic Cafe.
At Picnic we also try to be as green as possible, so we only use recycled or fully biodegradable packaging. Whether youre looking for a filling, wholesome lunch or simply coffee and a cake, Picnic is the place to visit.
Picnic - Wikipedia.
Outdoor games or some other form of entertainment are common at large picnics. In established public parks, a picnic area generally includes picnic tables and possibly other items related to eating outdoors, such as built-in grills, water faucets, garbage containers, and restrooms.

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