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Boards that are laminates, wax coated, or treated for wet-strength are often more difficult to recycle. Clean cardboard i.e, cardboard that has not been subject to chemical coatings is" usually worth recovering, although often the difference between the value it realizes and the cost of recovery is marginal.
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Cardboard puts virtual reality on your smartphone. The Cardboard app helps you launch your favourite VR experiences, discover new apps and set up a viewer. Try out a set of the demos included, as well.: Earth: Fly wherever your fancy takes you on Google Earth.
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Archive and removal boxes: Archive boxes for when youre filing documents or dedicated boxes for when youre moving to a new premise, these small and large cardboard boxes are perfect temporary containers and storage boxes for valuable information or items.
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Boxes cardboard boxes. Single wall cardboard boxes Double wall cardboard boxes Enviro-boxes BDC and BDCM boxes Extra heavy duty boxes Long postal boxes White cardboard boxes Cardboard delivery trays Insulated box liners Corrugated storage bins Plastic nestable pick bins Handle with care boxes Universal cardboard dividers Archive stationery boxes Postal boxes Boxes For bottles Plastic boxes and pallets Pallets export boxes Cardboard wardrobe cartons Removal packaging.

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